1. Ivanovo
2. Madara
3. Veliko Tarnovo
4. Abritus
5. Preslav
6. Sveshtari
7. Rousse
8. Srebarna
9. Varna
10. Gabrovo
11. Etara
12. Stone Forest


There are plenty of attractions to discover in Bulgaria. For example, you can visit the archaeological sites, natural parks, or the beautiful monasteries and churches that testify of the rich historical and cultural past of Bulgaria.

Bulgaria has no less than nine UNESCO world heritage sites. The different sites in Bulgaria are usually fairly easy to find and for that matter an excellent day out, so you can learn more about the culture and history of the country


A selection of the most important attractions in the regio Razgrad-Pomoshtitsa:

(click on the numbers on the map for more information)


1. Rock churches of Ivanovo (Unesco world heritage)

7. Rousse: port on the Danube (small Vienna)

2. Rider of Madara (Unesco world heritage)

8. Srebarna Natural Reserve: birds & wildlife (Unesco)

3. Veliko Tarnovo - medieval castle

9. Varna: touristic seaside resort at the Black Sea

4. Abritus - Roman site in Razgrad

10. Gabrovo

5. Veliki Preslav: Museum en archeologic site

11. Etar - Architectural & Etnografic complex

6. Thracien tomb of Sveshtari (Unesco world heritage)

12.Stone Forest - Pobiti Kamani

visit also the official website of the Bulgarian Tourism Department:


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