12. Stone Forest


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The Stone Forest
Pobiti Kamani (Bulgarian: Побити камъни)
The stone forest is a unique natural phenomenon, that nowhere else in the world can be seen.
Geologists from around the world have traveled to Bulgaria to unravel the mystery of the stone forest. So far there are 15 official theories about the origin of these stone pillars that are found in the hinterland of the city of Varna. According to the most accepted version, the area where the stones are now, has been formerly a seabed. The geologists have mentioned that this sea is not the Black Sea but Luteskozee. In the course of time, 3 layers were formed on the seabed. The bottom layer consisted of gray-yellow marl deposits. Formed thereupon a thick longitudinal quartz sand and on top of a layer of scale. After that, the sea water has flown back gradually east and a dry plain developed. By the force of erosion, the upper layer (layer of the lime), degraded and disappeared in the long run. The lime saturated and penetrated with rainwater the second (quartz sand) and inside there was a connection. Thus began the formation of limestone / sandstone pillars. After a certain time, the quartz sand was blown by the wind and the pillars stood alone. Interesting fact is that the columns are hollow inside. One idea is that plant growth in the concavity pillars arose. After decomposition of the plants remained the holes. The most common theory about the hollow pillars is that the pillars are coral formations from the Lutesken period. The climate was once tropical. Another theory is that methane gas has escaped from the seabed and came to the surface. Where the gases were  before have remained  the holes.
Besides the scientific theories about the origin, there are several legends about the stone forest.
They say the stone forest is a very strong energy field. If one walks in the area and embraces the stone, he loses  negative energy and recharges with positive energy. The tourist is therefore strongly recommended to stay for some time in the area.
The Stone Forest is easily accessible by car and is located 16km west of Varna. The Hemus A2 highway exit Slanchevo and then follow the signs.
GPS: 43 į 13'37 .10 "N, 27 į 42'23 .74" E.
The Pobiti Kamani park is not the only location where you can admire those stones. In the village Beloslav (in the same area but on the other side of the river), this natural wonder can be visited and it is said that these stones are even more beautiful. Up to 3 o'clock  in the afternoon when the sun shines on the stones, you can get there without access prices to admire the natural view.


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