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Architectural-Etnographic Museum ETAR

The architectural-ethnographic complex of Etar (Bulgarian: Архитектурно-архитектурно-етнографскикомплекс "Етър", usually referred to as Етъра, Etara) is an outdoor museum 8 km south of Gabrovo in northern Bulgaria on the old Bulgarian architecture, culture and craftsmanship. The museum is 7 acres and consists of a 50-odd authentic buildings, including installations and houses where traditional crafts are practiced.
The complex illustrates the architecture, lifestyle and economy of Gabrovo region during the Bulgarian National Renaissance.
The museum was founded in 1963 under the project of Lazar Donkov. The existing Karadzheyka mill, built around 1780, was thoroughly restored. Other houses around it were restored or built in old traditional Bulagarian architecture. The complex was open on September 7 1964 and received recognition as a national park in 1967. In 1971 it was a cultural monument.
The park contains typical Bulgarian Renaissance houses with two floors, a bell tower, and a beautiful Saakov-house with 21 windows.
Old regional crafts,  tanneries, copper smithy, pottery, handicrafts are practiced with original old tools.
In the park, there are souvenir shops, a three-star hotel and  restaurants offering typical Bulgarian delicacies.
Visitors from around the world come to visit this park that is open the year round. Especially on Christian holidays such as Palm Sunday and Easter tourists can witness the traditional local rituals.
Sokolski Monastery is located a few kilometers from Etar and is also worth a visit.
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